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The Monaco Automobile Grand Prix

Monaco is the best barrier for F1 drivers. Getting past is a small feat and also winning, a dream that many people see collapsing into the security barriers. Contact professionnal for more information about Monaco hp hospitality .Raised to the rank of fantasy of motor sport by motorists because of its unique character and the selectivity of its course, the Monaco Motor Grand Prix of Monaco has gathered its own legend on many achievements that have appeared in the history of Formula 1.

Monaco Grand Prix tickets

As every year, Formula 1 makes a stop in Monaco. For all these reasons, monaco classic grand prix 2019 tickets are generally highly coveted. In order to avoid being caught off guard, the Automobile Club de Monaco (the event organiser) opens its counters well in advance. The baskets of the Monaco Grand Prix are certainly the best places to see the race. These are placed in the most interesting areas of the circuit. You will be asked to know their seats when you buy your ticket in a recipe store or on the official website. The cost of this ticket varies according to the location chosen and at exactly the same column, the cost of a seat can be multiplied by 10. In a bend, count between 60 and 100 euros on arrival for more than 600 euros for the stand and the price of the place.

Attend the Monaco Group

There is nothing better than attending the Monaco Grand Prix by renting private terraces. From the heights, you will not miss the best part of this race. On the official event website, the Grand Prix organization offers packages including a patio with a view of the starting line with meal and champagne. You can also rent a patio in a palace or building in the city, which usually has a spacious bar and a flat screen in your living room to enjoy every moment of the event.

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